market research, mystery shopping and quality management


The aievas® AG develops and distributes software-based solutions for the collection, processing and evaluation of data. The self-developed aievas® platform forms the technical basis for that. This platform is further developed and adopted to the customers' demands in a continuous way. The platform provides a multitude of applicable functions for the many different customer needs and at the same time a maximum of flexibility for individual adjustments.

All products of aievas® are web-based and also immediately available internationally as ApplicationServiceProvider or Software as a Service. Up to 20,000 users from all continents of the world work with aievas® every day.

4 products, which cover the main requirements for a multitude of companies, are available on the basis of the aievas® platform:

1. aievas® data

aievas® data supports the collection and the combination of data from all internal and external sources. It is possible to create cross-source evaluations in the form of uniform data formats quickly and efficiently due to the flexible data structures of aievas®.

2. aievas® project

aievas® project covers all controlling functions of inquiry-based projects, like for example recruitment, selection, training and remuneration of employees, data collection, data control and report generation. aievas® project is mainly used by companies, which execute projects in the areas market research, mystery shopping and quality management. aievas® project allows for paperless, worldwide execution of projects with support during all phases.

3. aievas® mobile

aievas® mobile was developed as mobile data interface. The solution is mainly used in the field of review or auditing of objects and processes. An easy handling regarding the data input as well as the direct generation of analyses on site allow for remarkable process improvements and cost reductions at the same time.

4. aievas® control

aievas® control supports the geographical and timed operation allocation of internal or external employees. The focus is on the efficient scheduling and utilization of personnel resources. Typical fields of utilization are the allocation of field staff, promoters, merchandisers, service staff or sales representatives.

The four product ranges are connected with each other via the aievas® platform. The combined utilization of several products and the creation of individual solutions is possible due to that.

Individual, customer-specific solutions are continuously developed on the basis of the aievas® platform and the named products. For the fact that a lot of functions are already available by default, individual project demands from customers can be executed in a quick and cost-efficient way.

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