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Scope of operation

Complete project support

aievas® project supports the whole project procedure, from the project set up to the field study phase to the evaluation.

Depiction of the assignment-specific company hierarchies

In many cases different hierarchy levels of the assignor's company are concerned with the project which is to be executed. The logical consequence is therefore to take these hierarchies into account when executing the project and especially during the subsequent evaluation. aievas® is able to depict these hierarchies and to take them into consideration.

Easy integration and adaptation of the questionnaires

A questionnaire for the data collection has to be installed for each project. All standard and a multitude of special question types are already available.

Direct upload of test documents for an assignment

An unlimited number of files can be digitally provided for each assignment. Due to that the field staff will be able to scan received documents and to upload those. Furthermore audio- or video recordings can also be provided.

Scenario-specific adaptation of the questionnaires for individual assignments/assignment packages

It might be necessary to adapt the questionnaire for individual inquiry scenarios within a project. This can be done in aievas® in a very simple and flexible way.

Provision of training documents for each assignment

Scenario-specific information and documents can be provided for each assignment. Furthermore information can also be added to individual assignments. This enables a goal-orientated information transfer of training material to the field staff.

Execution of online trainings/-tests prior to the participation in the project

An online training module is already integrated into aievas®. In addition to the provided training material and the assignment-specific information, this allows for further ways to improve the training of the field staff.

Separate access for field staff/testers

In order to meet the individual requirements of the users, a special access exists for field staff/testers. This enables the acceptance of assignments, schooling and training, the entry of data as well as the subsequent billing of the assignments.

Direct import- and export functions to and from Excel

To increase the processing speed even further, aievas® project supports direct imports and exports to and from Microsoft Excel.

Direct customer/field staff billing

Direct billing for the executed work can be done via a credit memo procedure. aievas® system can be connected to your accounting software. Due to that billing can be processed in a very efficient way. Thousands of assignments can be billed within less than one hour.

Field staff-/employee database with individual profiles

Databases for freelancers like testers, interviewers etc. can be created in aievas® project. Group-specific profiles, which allow an easier selection, can be created.


Selections can be executed based on the field staff's profile characters. Due to that only field staff members, whose profiles fit to the individual assignments, will get read permission for the corresponding assignments.  
In addition to that the field staff members from the desired location can be selected via a geographic-reference database. This leads to a direct reduction of travel expenses.

Controlling function with communication interface

The main prerequisite for a successful project management is the best possible control over the project status. A corresponding tool is already integrated in aievas® project. The project team is able to view the current status of the project and of each data record, arranged in tables with diverse selection options, in real time and they can initiate appropriate measurements.

Contacting of the corresponding employees is supported by each function via the provision of contact data and defined communication channels.

In this way it is possible to provide project-specific information in the form of notification- or reminder emails and to provide and initiate the executed measurements in the system.

Automatic generation of the project status

Due to the differentiated status of the individual test assignments, a detailed project status can be generated with one click. This gives the project team and/or the assignor an exact overview about the current project status.

Direct quality control in the system

Quality control is one of the main tasks regarding the project handling. Due to the multilevel quality management in aievas® project, you can also handle increased demands and you are able to improve as well as secure the quality in a sustainable way. Review commands for the quality control, for example, can be integrated concerning each gathered criterion. Additionally the system also executes checks, which prevent wrong entries, during the data collection by the field staff/questioned person. The already existing quality management functions in aievas® project can be supplemented at any time by customer-specific measurements and functions.

Review of documents

For instance in case of test purchase studies exist in addition to the online entry of data by the field staff/employee written and other haptic documents regarding the assignment, which have to be transferred during the execution of the project. Those are uploaded to the online questionnaire in form of pictures or sent physically. aievas® project offers the relevant functions in order to check the received documents regarding completeness as well as correctness and to synchronize them with the entered online data. This increases the quality even more.

Integrated access control for the agency and the customers

Different roles can be defined for different user groups. Read permissions for menu structures/functions, projects and the belonging to the individual company hierarchies are defined according to these roles. Members of the project management have this way access to all project data, the field staff has only access to their given assignments and customers can only access the results which have been unlocked for them.

Automatic report generation with live-data

aievas® is a real time system. This means that data, which has just been entered, can immediately be used and further processed. In this way quality-checked data will be made available to the customer directly after the checks have been completed. There is no separate evaluation necessary once the corresponding structures have been provided. The system does this automatically when accessing the corresponding reports. Therefore the time which would have to be taken to generate laborious evaluations can be saved. In this way the system is also able to provide intermediate results already during the field phase. Final reports can be provided within a few hours or days after the end of the field time.

Intelligent report distribution

Due to the depiction of the assignor's assignment-specific company hierarchy, specific reports can be created for the individual hierarchy levels or rather for the individual company divisions. This is useful because in this way the concerned employee will only see the results which are relevant for him. Cross-division evaluations or combinations of different reports are naturally also possible.

Direct entry and follow-up of measurements

The implementation of improvements is supported by integrated measurement modules. Measurements concerning individual reports or criteria with deadlines and responsibilities for the implementation can be directly provided in aievas®. The success of the agreed measurements can be subsequently verified with the next analysis.