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Application examples

Example 1: Execution of mystery shopping projects

aievas® project helps to handle test purchase studies for your assignors in a more efficient way. Due to the central project support in one system, all parties concerned with the project can access the same data simultaneously and in real time. Due to access control, each person only sees the data and functions which are relevant for him/her. Additionally there are diverse functions, which especially commit themselves to the requirements concerning mystery shopping projects.

The time- and cost savings are an important benefit of aievas® project. In aievas® is due to that only one person required to bring a mystery shopping project with about 500 research units, a questionnaire with 150 criteria and altogether 1500 tests with 2 test scenarios into the field within 4 hours. That way the shortest deadlines and special customer requests can also be realized efficiently.

Example 2: Execution of surveys

For surveys are other processes relevant than for test purchase examinations. aievas® project depicts the changing requirements in a flexible way.

In case of employee surveys, for example, the target group and hence the extent of the questionnaires is known. The system takes this into account regarding the controlling- and reminder functions. In case of customer surveys or in general regarding opinion surveys, the final number often cannot be specified exactly in advanced. For this the corresponding data sets are automatically created for each filled in questionnaire. The combination of data sets to groups or the like at a later time is possible without any limitations. Scenario-specific questionnaires can also be depicted here if the diverse surveyed groups get different questionnaires.

A survey project with about 10,000 participants and a questionnaire which consists of 60 criteria can be implemented in aievas® project and brought in the field by one person within 90 minutes.