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aievas® project

aievas® project is a holistic, integrated project management system for the execution of field-based inquiries like e.g. audits, test purchase studies, surveys or certification measurements. For this purpose, different versions and expansion stages of aievas® project have already been used successfully in companies or rather company divisions for many years.

aievas® project supports the whole project procedure during all project stages:

  1. Recruiting and selection of as well as communication with engaged employees
  2. Project set up with the creation of research units, implementation of the questionnaire, furnishing of scenario- or location-specific online entry forms.
  3. Allocation of the individual inquiry assignments in connection with the training documents and the briefing information. 
  4. Controlling and quality control during the field study phase 
  5. Generation of automatised analyses and partly automatised reporting.

In addition to the described basic functions, further functions can be used during each project phase. A pricing module, an entry check for project documents, an expanded communication module, a special selection module, diverse calculation models or basic reports, for example, are already integrated.

The system distinguishes between function groups for different users like project management, field staff and customers.
In order to get an insight into the user guidance in aievas®, please use the provided Guided Tour. This tour delivers an impression of the system's simple, intuitive handling.

If you are interested we will gladly give you a live demonstration in which we can show you the already specific functions in detail.

Direct profit

aievas® project sustainably increases efficiency and rapidness of the project handling. This fact gives you an obvious advantage in the market competition and it makes your company permanently able to execute inquiry-based projects in a more cost-efficient and quicker way as well as in an increased quality.

System requirements

The aievas® platform does not make any specific demands on the user's system. It is a web-based platform, which only requires an internet connection and a standard web-browser e.g. the Internet Explorer 6.x and higher or Firefox 3.5 or higher.