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Scope of operation

Automatic update function of the mobile application

aievas® mobile updates itself automatically as soon as a new version is available.

Automatic updates of questionnaires which are available on the mobile device

The questionnaires, which have been adapted for the units which are to be tested, can be already downloaded in advanced. However, if the questionnaire has been changed in the meantime, aievas® mobile informs the user about this and offers to load the current version of the questionnaire. That way the up-to-dateness is also secured during long field periods.

Taking and integration of photos

Photos can be taken on site with the camera of the mobile end device. These photos can be added to the inquired criterion in the online questionnaire and they will also be transferred to the server during the data transmission.

Location- or scenario-specific questionnaires

Depending on the project requirements it can be necessary to use different lists of questions for each test. This is possible with the aievas® mobile system.

On site adaptation of the questionnaire

Unexpected changes can occur in case of mobile data collections. For instance whole sectors are closed due to reconstructions during an auditing. This could not be expected prior to the test. aievas® mobile makes it possible to adapt the questionnaire to these conditions. The information about this change is also transferred during the transmission and will be directly taken into account for the subsequent evaluation.

Different mobile end devices can be used

The utilisation of a MDA with touch-screen is recommended for most of the applications. These devices are handy and they have an adequately big display on which information can be read by different age groups without any problems and all of them can operate these devices easily. In addition to the touch-screen these devices also have a fully developed QUERTZ-keyboard, which can be folded-out. It only requires the installation of the aievas® mobile software.

Data transmission without PC

The data is transferred via the radio link of the mobile end device. That way aievas® mobile can be used everywhere.

A permanent online connection is not required

The mobile end device does not require a permanent online connection. It is sufficient to download  the current version of the questionnaire, which is to be filled in, before the test begins and to transfer the entered data after the questionnaire has been completed. This minimises the costs for data packages of the provider.

Discussion about the results directly on site

After you have completed the data collection, for example concerning an audit, and transferred the results to a server, a report will normally be generated. This report will also be transferred e.g. via fax or email to the corresponding addressee. Report generation on the mobile device without data transmission can be selected optionally. Directly after the completion of the test, the results of the audit can now be discussed with the responsible person for the location and comments can be added to the results if required. The final report will be created subsequently.


As soon as the data collection has been completed and the whole data has been transferred to the server, the report users can access the data by using an internet browser. This provides for a prompt  initiation of measures.

Mobile support via remote-access

aievas® mobile enables an external remote access in case of on-site problems or if the user has any questions. The user can witness the actions on the device. That way questions can be answered or functions can be explained on site and thereby the costs which would have incurred for the support staffs' travel expenses can be saved.