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Application examples

Example 1: Review of standards in the framework of an auditing

In the framework of an auditing, e.g. the cleanliness and tidiness of an hotel room shall be rated or it shall be checked whether the shelves in a grocery are equipped in accordance with a standard storage plan.

For this a location-specific questionnaire can be created via aievas® mobile and this questionnaire  can be filled in via a mobile end device (e.g. a standard Smartphone or MDA). A review is already executed by the system on which the mobile questionnaire is stored and this way the auditor can only transfer the questionnaire if it has been filled in completely.

The data transmission is executed via the radio link of the mobile end device and the evaluation takes place within a few minutes after the data transmission has been completed. Due to that auditor and the responsible person for the location can discuss the detected errors directly afterwards. This provides a higher degree of transparency and an improved acceptance regarding the organisation.

The responsible field staff can also access the results directly after the completion of the audit and can react to those results accordingly.

Example 2: Execution of interviews

Another wide field of application is the execution of face-to-face-interviews. PCs or laptops cannot be used in many cases due to a lack of current supply or battery life and their handling is not very manageable in a lot of situations. aievas® mobile is very practical for situations like that, because it runs on handy and easily operable mobile devices.

The speed of the application also convinces, so that awkward waiting periods can be omitted. The data can be transferred to the server as soon as the interview has been completed. This enables a timely evaluation.