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aievas® mobile

aievas® mobile is a software which is used for mobile data collection. After the data collection on the mobile end device has been completed, the data will be directly evaluated and provided in form of reports. That way the results can be discussed directly on site if necessary.

The mobile software of aievas® is mainly used for the collection of quality data (e.g. security checks, hygienics checks, audits) and for interviews. Due to the easy handling, the mobile on site data collection with subsequent discussing of the results is a clear additional benefit.

The quick gathering of data with the help of a handy mobile device is especially important for the execution of interviews. Filtering functions can be connected to the questionnaires so that the course of the questioning automatically adapts to the replies of the questioned person.

Direct benefit:

In comparison to a data collection on paper, the mobile data gathering has a lot of advantages. Some of those are the cost saving due to the omitted printing and postal costs, the time saving due to the direct data transfer to the headquarters, the direct evaluation and the return of a report for an on site discussion as well as an available data control by the system which is already executed during the data entry.

System requirements

The software aievas® mobile is connected with the aievas® platform. The mobile application works for most of the standard mobile radio units, Smartphones, TabletPCs oder PDAs. Devices with Windows Mobile are supported by default, other operating systems like Apple/iPhone can be used optionally. The explicit requirements have to be checked in case own devices are to be used. aievas® mainly uses MDA-devices. The aievas® platform does not make any specific demands on the user's system. It is a web-based platform, which only requires an internet connection and a standard web-browser e.g. the Internet Explorer 6.x and higher or Firefox 3.5 or higher.