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Scope of operation

Data collection

The data collection can be executed in different ways:

  1. Input of the required data into the aievas® system via online form . The online forms can be designed as desired.
  2. Input via mobile end devices with aievas® mobile. aievas® mobile has been designed for the utilization on all mobile end devices which use the operating system Windows Mobile. 
  3. Import of the data by using standard data formats, like e.g. Microsoft Excel, CSV, SPSS, etc. A customer-specific adaptation of the import interface is normally possible. 
  4. Direct data transfer between existing intra-company systems and customer-specific aievas®  systems via interfaces.

Full service

The product aievas® data includes full-service attendance. An assignment-specific formed project team, which attends to the whole coordination and the carrying out of the implementation, is at each customer's disposal. Moreover there is a specific central contact person for each customer.


Many different calculation models can be depicted in aievas®. In this way it can meet the customers' diverse demands. In addition to the available individual solutions, the standard calculation models already exist by default.


aievas® data includes a set of standard reports, which can be adapted to the customers' demands. Furthermore individual reports can be generated. Subsequently the reports will be automatically filled in with the current data and delivered to the user on demand. There are unlimited possibilities for the layout of the reports. The formats of the output file are PDF, PPT, XLS and individual graphics, selected in accordance with the demands of each customer.

Transmission security

The aievas® platform provides for maximum security. This high security standard is achieved by a consistent encoded 128bit SSL data transmission with trust centre authentication.

Data protection

As a rule, the systems of aievas® use mirrored data inventory with RAID data protection. Complete backups of the whole system, including data inventory, are created this way each day on determined times. These backup files are safely stored outside of the computing centre for a certain period of time.

Server hosting

The required hardware can either be administrated locally in our computing centre or on site within your company. This decision should be discussed in advanced with the corresponding IT division in order to find the ideal solution.