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Application examples

Example 1: Creation of a Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is used as central controlling device in a multitude of companies today. Its  main task is to bring data from different company divisions together in a central location. Afterwards the data, which is stored in different formats, has to be harmonized.

The harmonized data will then be evaluated with the Balanced Scorecard system. Depending on the amount of data, which has to be integrated, such an evaluation requires a lot of personnel.

aievas® data considerably simplifies the periodical, automatic combination of data and the evaluation in form of the Balanced Scorecard system. aievas® data has to be adapted and implemented to the circumstances of your company once. With that the data collection and evaluation is established and reports (e.g. the Balanced Scorecard for different divisions) can be automatically generated. The required efforts for the evaluation iterations are considerably reduced. The one-time investment cost normally already charge off within in the first year.

Example 2: Periodical analyses concerning the sustainability of training programmes

If a company decides to execute training measures e.g. in the sales division, it aims to strengthen the customer loyalty and to increase and secure the turnovers in a sustainable way. The success of these programmes is often only measured partially or even not at all.

By using aievas® data, the efficiency and the sustainability of training programmes can be measured and analysed. Due to that diverse conclusions concerning usefulness and success of these programmes can be drawn. Optimisation potentials can also be deduced. Furthermore specific additional training sessions for individual participants can be initiated.

This enables the efficient execution of training programmes in the different company divisions.