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aievas® data

By using aievas® data you are able to collect data from different sources and to furnish individual reports and evaluations from information of comprehensive sources. The development of this product had the goal to create a software, which provides for a maximum of flexibility in the processes for a wide variety of demands and conditions.

The following ways of data collection are supported:

  1. Input into a central web-based aievas® database via online form and browser by using any stationary end devices like e.g. PC or laptop.
  2. Input via mobile end devices with aievas® mobile.
  3. Import of data via an interface for standard file formats like Excel, CSV, SPSS, etc.
  4. Direct data transfer from other systems via aievas® interfaces.

The data collection can be adapted to the source. In general all data is brought together in a customer-specific aievas® system in order to be able to process this data jointly.

Employees, who have experience with projects, support you and the project during all phases and  if desired they also overtake the technical and organizational consultation with different company divisions. After the data has been brought together in aievas®, this data will be further processed in accordance with the customer's demands. Cross-source evaluations can be furnished in any form. All standard calculation models and graphics formats are possible.

Direct benefit

The product aievas® data is already designed for a broad range of demands and therefore it can react to the customer-specific factors in a flexible way. This results in cost-efficient solutions, which are unbeatable regarding the cost-performance-ratio.

The one-time incurring investment costs for aievas® data charge off within the first 12 months in case of the majority of the projects.

System requirements

The aievas® platform does not make any specific demands on the user's system. It is a web-based platform, which only requires an internet connection and a standard web-browser e.g. the Internet Explorer 6.x and higher or Firefox 3.5 or higher.