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Scope of operation

Schedule overview

Locations, employees and working times can be easily entered and depicted in a clearly arranged way. Double allocations and wrong bookings can be excluded. A shared calender and a geographic reference database are integrated in aievas® control. This enables a timely and local distribution.

Direct efficiency control

Success messages concerning executed works, for example regarding the customer service or rather messages about concluded contracts during promotion activities, can be gathered directly on site.

Direct feedback form the employees on site

To make sure that the planned activities are really implemented, aievas® control has a mobile interface which can be used with every mobile phone. Messages from employees on site can be transferred via this interface. That way for example the attendance at promotion activities can be checked in an automatised way.

Analyses concerning the success of the actions

For the fact that data is collected in the aievas® system, other data like turnover etc. can be added to the planning data. Subsequently analyses about the success can be created by considering all data.

Influence of the success factors for the planning

The results provided by the analysis can be made available again for further scheduling. That way the next scheduling will be further optimised.

Feedback about the planning for the involved persons

All concerned persons can be directly informed about the success of their activities with the help of aievas® control. Recipient-specific analyses are possible.

Integrated billing

aievas® control makes it possible to depict the billings of the external service providers directly via the system. An interface to the individual accounting software can be created.