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Application examples

Example 1: Scheduling of promotion activities

aievas® control is for instance used for the controlling of promotion activities. The promoters for that are often provided by external service providers. aievas® control is utilised to prevent double allocations or bookings for disadvantageous periods. The software can be used simultaneously by different persons at different locations.

That way the external promotion service provider is for instance able to put the scheduling of his/her promotion team for the following weeks into the aievas® system. The local offices can approve these scheduling. The headquarters could additionally book audits or rather mystery shoppings via aievas® and could later create analyses for this location regarding the quality of the promotion team and the number of concluded contracts.

These analyses can be made available for the local offices so that the planning of the following activities can also be optimised regionally based on these findings.

A live message from on site can be used as additional control mechanism. This means that the promoters simply confirm via mobile phone that they are on site. This notification system supersedes an attendance confirmation via an expensive call-centre.

Example 2: Allocation of the field staff for the customer support

The assignments are allocated to the internal or external field staff by the headquarters. The notifications about new assignments are executed via email or SMS. Further information regarding the assignments, for instance plans or additional information about the customer, can be provided without restriction.

The members of the field staff retrieve assignments and information by using mobile devices. After the assignment has been processed, he/she confirms the execution in the system and if necessary furnishes a visit report or an invoice.
As soon as the completion of the assignment has been announced, the central managing clerk sees that in the system and is able to initiate the further assignment dispatching accordingly.

Several persons can access the system simultaneously and coordinate their individual scheduling with each other by using the shared calender. An approval procedure can also be activated. In this case the scheduling has to be approved by a higher authority.

Customer surveys about the satisfaction with the performed services, especially concerning the field staff for the customer service, can be included directly via aievas®.