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aievas® control

aievas® control is a software for the geographical and timely scheduling and allocation of the service staff's work or rather for advertising measures.

Due to the integration of geographic-reference data and a central calender, schedules can be optimised by taking geographical and time factors into consideration.

aievas® control is in particular used for the allocation of the field staff in the sectors customer service, sales representatives as well as promotion and for merchandising.
aievas® control supports thereby the different levels of the concerned divisions or companies in the scheduling and allocation. For instance service assignments, which have to be executed, can that way be synchronised for the individual service staff according to the regional availability by a person in charge for the concerned area. This provides for an optimised routing.

Solutions for promotion actions are often different. The planning for those is for example executed by the external promotion agencies themselves and they consider planning activities by other agencies as blocked times and areas. Subsequently the schedules of the agencies are approved by the local offices. This enables an optimised efficient scheduling between many concerned persons.
Direct evaluations by adding other key data can be effected subsequently to the execution of actions. The success of locations or rather of the allocated personnel can be calculated and made available for further scheduling.
You can find information about further functions and features under the point "scope of operation".

Direct benefit

By using  aievas® control you can improve your coordination- and scheduling processes regarding safeguarding and efficiency. That way you will reduce costs and use available resources in a more efficient way.

System requirements

The aievas® platform does not make any specific demands on the user's system. It is a web-based platform, which only requires an internet connection and a standard web-browser e.g. the Internet Explorer 6.x and higher or Firefox 3.5 or higher.