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The products of aievas® support a large variety of application areas. All products are based on the aievas® platform and comply with the following basic principles:

  1. Data is collected from one or several sources.
  2. Data is processed/brought together in aievas®.
  3. Data is evaluated and reported according to customer-specific demands.

All data is kept in a central web-based system. The data management is executed according to the customers on their own systems or on shared hardware structures. All functions are available worldwide by using standard browsers. The access takes place online via secured systems. The authentication of each user ensures that only authorized persons are able to access the system. Change- and read permissions can be restricted up to the level of single datasets.
The following 4 product ranges exist:

1. aievas® data

aievas® data is a flexible system for the processing of data in companies. It allows for the collection of data from different company divisions and for the individual evaluation of this data. Combined, cross-sector evaluations as well as automatic data collection via interfaces with existing intra-company systems are possible.

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2. aievas® project

aievas® project addresses companies and company divisions, which execute projects in the sectors auditing, surveying, marketing, market research, mystery shopping, quality management, training and the like.
The product provides complete project support during the whole process: starting from the project set up and the conception to the field study phase and the data collection to the evaluation with report generation and the subsequent agreements concerning measurements.

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3. aievas® mobile

aievas® mobile is a mobile interface to the aievas® platform. The software is used for mobile terminals (e.g. mobile phones, PDAs, TabletPCs and the like) and it allows for the mobile data collection and evaluation on site.

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4. aievas® control

aievas® control is a system for the coordination of internal or external employees, who are placed at different locations in the field. The central component is a function which enables a geographical coordination of units. The coordination can be executed centrally, locally or after consultation between central and local company divisions. Control data can also be evaluated in combination with quality-related and economic data.

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