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aievas® Platform

The aievas® platform is a web-based data processing systems. The whole system complies with a central basic principle:

  1. Data is collected from one or more sources.
  2. Data is processed and brought together in aievas®.
  3. Data is evaluated and reported according to customer-specific demands.

Due to the flexible ultimate principle and the system based basic concept of a consistent separation of data and user interface, aievas® provides almost unlimited ways to depict customer-specific demands.
The four products of the aievas® AG have been designed on the basis of this platform: aievas® data, aievas® project, aievas® mobile and aievas® control. Please visit the product sites for further information to each product.
Due to the simple basic principle and the very efficient possibilities for customer-specific adaptations of the platform's functions, the utilisation of the aievas® platform is often the best decision based on a direct comparison with the competitors' products. The aievas® AG does not offer standard products in the truest sense of the word, but enables the cost efficient implementation of the customer's demands due to a building set of predefined module solutions. This is the only way to secure a long-term competitive position regarding costs and flexibility.

The concept and the quality demands of aievas concerning service and process efficiency are the main reasons why our customers have decided to use the aievas® platform.

The following customers use or have already successfully used the aievas® platform:

We also gladly show you in which way the aievas® platform is able to support your company.

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